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Miscreated Server - Europe #1

Сервер Miscreated

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★★★Miscreated Server - Europe #1★★★

**★★★Very active Admins/Moderators at 24 hour per day support★★★**

1. You have a good start item;
2. High Loot every where;
3. No rules ;
4. Player Weight Limit 60 kg (standart 40 rg);
5. Map Island.

**★★★Whether you’re new to the game or a veteran, strives to provide server for all types of players. Our server allow players to peacefully learn the game to its full extent. Ran by dedicated admins with countless hours invested and a friendly, supportive community working with us.★★★**

**★★★Great to enjoy time with friends or make new ones in the game.★★★**


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